Procedural city generator.

Hi. I’m working in an asset for the marketplace and i wanted to show my idea to you to know if you would have interest in buy it or if you have questions, suggestions or ideas. And if you could recommend me a price for it.

Project goals:

  • Given the tiles arrays (road, sidewalk and building) it will generate a city in real time with some given values and a seed (so you can regenerate the same city for multiplayer or load purposes)
  • Buildings are made from tiles but you can have ‘landmarks’, buildings with more than one tile size, like a prefab building (actor or mesh) so you can have interiors in certain places if needed. Or It can be useful as reference for the player, like an Eiffel tower, one building unique and tall that can give you a reference about where you are without looking a map.
  • You can fine tune to look more like an open city or a maze (for some game purposes)
  • You can query for tiles. for example to give you a random free cell located far from the player start, You can guess it’s designed to place important items (ammo, keys, power ups) so they don’t overlap themselves. (they always be reachable)
  • It will place some random physical objects around from an array (like trash cans, bags, boxes) with certain rules to make look natural.
  • It will be done with blueprints, because from what I see, there are groups that are afraid of the C++ complexity, so i want to reach a wider audience (or if people ask i could port a c++ version for later)
  • It process a number of instructions each frame at generation time, so it will be possible a loading screen without freezing the game. This is useful too against the maximum iteration count limit for blueprints. You easily break that limit processing big 2d arrays.

I know there are some dungeons or labyrinth generators. I think my project is different because, it’s more like a pacman maze approach than a labyrinth. And i think we have nothing like that in the marketplace (let me know if i’m mistaken)

Edited: upload pictures updated

The images i’m attaching were made with synthy’s polygon city pack just for test purposes, I will made some template tiles so it can be used out of the box. But this show’s it can be combined with other marketplaces assets.

Right now there I just have the roads randomized as I plan (i have road templates and a template is applied to a whole road line just like real life… usually), but the buildings and the streets need quite a lot of work yet.

I hope you like and could give me some feedback and recommendations. Thanks in advance.

Maybe take a look at what Coquigames and others are working on / have already done.

Not even going to attempt to load those links. Why not link pics on the forums directly…

Sorry. Every time I upload any image I’ve got a “This action could not be completed” message. Even now i tried to attach one with this reply and it gives me the same error message.

update: Problem solved.

There is a free procedural city generator that creates interiors too that was a thesis done in C++:

But it does have some limitations and obviously is not well documented so modifying it takes a lot of time.

If you could release anything like that but with many improved features, well documented, fast and easy to use it surely would be worth buying.
WIP. A small video that shows how it looks from the player perspective.

Some captures with Multistory Dungeons pieces. I think this can be useful for rouge like games.

Hello. Was this generator progressed, released? Thank You.