Procedural City Generation Help Needed

So I’m trying to build a city for a small mystery game and I’ve seen a lot of people say, “Use procedural city generation” and then they go on to say, “just look it up”. I have to say i have looked, and looked, and looked again lol and i cant find anyone explaining how to do it. Just people showing off their awesome finished work and other saying to go look it up. Can someone please point me in the right direction of how to do it or where i can learn to do it. Couple side notes i dont need a huge city (basicly my map will sorta be in part of a city not the whole thing). Second Im still newish to unreal so dumbing it down would be fantastic. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys thanks in advance.

The easiest way would be to use a tile system.
Each unit size tile would have a road piece and spawners for buildings,trees and such.
Then you just put the map tiles together so that the road links are joined.

You can use square tiles, to make it things easier:

Or maybe hexagon:

Can’t really help you with the ue4 code though…
You should look into spawning assets and TMap lookup (for neighbor checks) I guess.

This might help.