Procedural Cities with Interiors [FREE]

Already posted this on reddit and got a good response there so I’m sharing my procedural cities project here for free as well, including source and the thesis that is based on the project.

link to github:
link to thesis:

Additional youtube link:

All buildings have full interiors.

The code base is a prototype so everything is hardly optimal, the concepts described in the thesis are a little more clear than their implementations, but you’re more than welcome to use anything you wish.

Anyone else able to get this to build in 4.18.3 (or 4.19)? I followed these instructions for 4.18 (and again in 4.19, making sure to modify the correct line in the .uproject file), but I keep getting an error saying some modules are missing or were created in another engine, and then it fails to rebuild them automatically.

How to fix this guys ? I think I can do It by myself ,but…if someone know what to do then tell me ,please
BTW I launched the project in 4.21 with some errors