Procedural character design for Unreal 4 (overview)

Did an overview of procedural character design using Daz Studio because well darn it finally a game engine that will let me play with all my Poser content in a semi meaningful manner. :wink:

Procedural character design for Unreal 4. (overview) part 1

Procedural character design for Unreal 4. (overview) part 2 3ds Max
(with a surprise guest appearance by yet another super app)

Procedural character design for Unreal 4. (overview) part 2 3ds Max amendment

Procedural character design for Unreal 4. (overview) part 2 into Unreal 4

If I’m not informative I hope I’m at least entertaining.

Note to use the actual DAZ Characters in a game environment there is a license for game development.

frankiev thanks greatly for these, started watching last night hope to finish them today, you realize this is just going to open you up for even more questions now that you have me hooked on trying this, lol. also in the first video he does make it clear you will have to have a license to publish. pretty cheap one compare to what some companies are asking i must say.

For sure if there is any questions I’m more than willing to give it a try and fake my way through it. :wink:

As to licensing Daz3d is very good at reacting to market changes and since their bread and butter is in selling content and assets they are always trying different things in an effort to sell more content that includes giving away for free power applications as a limited time offer. Hexagon 2 for example has many times been put up with a zero price tag and is a half decent 3d editor.

Now I’m sure anyone in the world of 3d should know by now the shift in licensing for UE4 so give it some time I expect their licensing terms and conditions will change if it helps them sell more content and more so if it becomes much easier to get their products in to UE4.

As for overview video’s I’m motivated to do more as these are the kinds of video’s I pay a lot more attention to over and above the how-to versions based on feature use so if I can spark others to do the same then it’s win win.

As far as you know, is daz licence for indie game developers still 500$? I really can’t figure this out from their website, as they say they changed the licensing terms; but the faqs are still from 2010.

There’s two licensees. If you make an income of more the $100k/year, it’s $2500, otherwiseit’s $500.. And that’s only for DAZ products, third party products sold through the store are not included.