Procedural changeable parquet floor patterns pack(Substance Designer)

First of all sorry for my english,it’s not my native language.Hi everyone,it’s my first procedural changeable parquet floor patterns pack made in substance designer.I have decided to do early access to my pack because it’ll allow me improve a pack before the final product is ready during the updates of this product,also it’ll give a chance to have a cup of coffee on my table,you’ll save some money making pre-order.I’m using a reference photos of parquet,but if you wanna get some special parquet send me a photo reference maybe I’ll be add this one into a pack.Appearance of material will change,because I did’t work on wood texture for now,just add some nodes for it’s looks like wood a little I’ll add more variations and more control of the main parameters.You’ll get .sbsar file for now,sbs looks frighteningly now days,

I’ll fix it and you’ll get it all too with every update of pack.The final product will ready to end of December-by the middle of January.Just 50 samples,it’s really long time to render with my AMD A4-6210.It’s works fine inside unreal engine,some demo in the video below.
Some Cycles shots:

Little demo video:

In the final product you’ll get:
-25 different procedural parquet patterns,with the ability to change their appearance by getting new material
-5 types of wood,marble and granite textures for each one
-And also I really wanna make some types of art parquet,hope I can do it with your help
You can support me with a cup of coffee and find prices here:Patreon
Soon i’ll make design for my youtube channel and patreon page and also make facebook’spage where you can ask all you questions and i can get feedback,but for now you can do it here.