Procedural Building

Hi, I’m trying to make a Procedural Building in blueprints. I watch a but of the Procedural Map Tutorial that Epic did and I was able to do a floor and also add levels. So it can have multiple floors. But I am trying to figure out how to add walls to each level. But also be able to change them individually to make each building unique. I know I need to make a Array of all the Instanced mashes. but I don’t know how to add them to the sides of floor instanced mesh.

Here is the pic of what I have in game

And here is my blueprint

I was thinking of adding sockets to the floor mesh and attach wall pieces to socket and have a Array public so I could reference the Mesh and reference the socket to locate the mesh in position.

what I did is that I used 4 forloops in sequence one for x along y0 another for x along y-max (whatever the Y you want it to be).
then one forloop that did Y along X0 and another that does Y along X-max.

I would have saved all the walls and the floors in an array and after all is spawned made a custom event where I changed the materials by switch on int (one switch on int for walls and another for floors. With two seperate ints) for walls and floors.

It would maybe be easier for you to add me on skype and I can help you guide you trough your bp if you are interested.
Skype id: triant.

Thanks for the Offer Triant, I found a C++ Version on the Forum and gave that a go.