Procedural building Generator

Hey Folks, the procedural building generator has been published on marketplace take a look at

Hi everyone ​

my new pack procedural building generator aka PBG was submitted to marketplace, if you ignore what it is, look at this two WIP video to get ideas: WIP videos link .

Important note: PBG is free and already avaible for people that owned my pack Next Gen Modular CityV2that you can get with a reduction of $200 until the 1st march

If you ever worked with a modular pieces to create environment structures, you certaintly know how tedious and time consuming are to assemble modular assets to create structures or buildings! but what if you can create hundreds of structures/buildings just in one day?​does time and effort saving are crucial for you? in fact PBG let you create structures/buildings in record time, something that even experienced team of designers can takes years to accomplish!!!

PBG was built to works with modular assets like Urban, Sci-Fi, Post apocalyptic, Medieval, Slum etc… no matter, if your meshes are modular, PBG can operates it to create structures with full artistic control. With PBG you can prefabs buildings (in differents style/type and generates more others buildings, all up to you!), organize and control its generation aspects with blocks and advanced meshes and materials randomization system out of the box.

PBG is made of differents system each independant and that allow non destructive workflow and full control.

floor system
roof system
roof props system
decoration per socket system
decoration per spline point system
decoration along spline system
material system
simple procedural floor, ceiling and roof mesh system
pillar system (avalaible since v1.4)
door system (will be avalaible in v2.2)

additionnal editor utility blueprint for automatic HLOD, Sphere/Box Reflection Captures and Lightmap Importance Volume for each generated structures in the scene, can be extended to support more volumes if requested!

because PBG is spline based, it is good for quickly block out simple building/structures shape in early stage of level creation.

also because PBG is block based ( an advanced array organization of PBG) and have multiple system that can do what other system does, there is not only on way of creating something but a lot of way of getting the same result the only difference will be the level of control you want to give to your prefabs and its derivation (ability to create unique building from the same prefab) capabilities. all this will be explained in v1.4 documentation.

thanks for taking time to read this, we hope this tool will revolutionarize your workflow like never before ​.

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some examples of simple buildings generated with PBG