Procedural bot following player.

I have a procedural runner game. I want a enemy to chase the player and slowly get closer and eventually maybe kill the player. The only way i can think of is with navmesh but is there a way to spawn that with a procedural world? I tried just having the enemy inside the PlayerCharacter BP Behind him and would get close slowly. But there were issues that would affect both actors that way. Does anyone know of a way that this can be done.

Does anyone know of a way to make this work?

So you can rebuild the navmesh dynamically
just have your own ai that chases player - this requires more work

How do i spawn navmesh with my world spawning procedurally? I dont see a way to do that in blueprint.

anyone have any ideas?

Make the NavMeshBoundsVolume movable.
Change the RecastNavMesh runtime generation to dynamic.
And then set the location of the NavmeshBoundsVolume to somewhere near your character in blueprints.
You can either select the NavmeshBoundsVolume in your level and create a reference to it in the level blueprint and use SetActorLocation from there at some regular interval
or you can use “GetAllActorsOfClass” and find all your NavmeshBoundsVolumes and then just do the same from there.