Procedural Audio in video game - school project

Hello. For my school project, I made a small game with procedural audio. The audio was made in Pure Data. I would like to you participate in playing this small game and experience the procedural audio. There is also a survey which I would like you to fill during gameplay. The game was made in UE4 and it’s for Windows 64bit only. Download the .rar file and open the Read me.pdf to get started. Also, if you know anyone that might want to play this game, feel free to share the link. Thank you.

Hello to you. I have tried your “game” and It was fun/interesting to hear what you have made. For me it was a bit difficult to hear some of the sounds clearly, mainly because other sounds volume was too high.

That’s why I’ve added some audio settings. Which sounds exactly? If you are talking about footsteps, if you are near the river or waterfall, of course you’re going to have a hard time hearing them. Just walk on the other side of the map, you should hear them just fine.

I have tried to change the volume setting and it do not always help.

What I have a hard time hearing:

  • It can be hard to hear the fire for the river/waterfall.
  • It can be hard to hear the footstep for the rain, wind, river, waterfall and music . Of course I can fix most of those issues, but I can never hear the footstep sound without other sounds is playing.
  • It can be hard to hear when I only listen to the waterfall or I only listen to the river.
  • In general there is playing a lot sounds at the same time, which for me makes it hard to hear them clearly.

What do you mean “fire for the river/waterfall”? If you want to hear fire clearly, find a torch that is not near the river or waterfall.
Footsteps are different only when you walk on the ground, so walk away from the river and you will hear them fine.
If you want to hear the waterfall, go near the waterfall.
If you want the hear river more clearly, go down the stream and listen.
Did you read the pdf or check the controls? You can trigger rain or wind as you please.