Procedural Asset Creator

Available now:…-asset-creator

Documentation & full feature list available here.

In case of any questions, feel free to ask.

… If you don’t need all the features and want some simple assets (e.g. flat shaded, low poly), check the Simple version here:

Simple Procedural Asset Creator](

This is neat :smiley:

You Sir, are one of my favorite UE4 MP creators! This is a fantastic tool! Incredible!

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: I’m really glad that you like it!

I’ve submitted it for the review process, I’ll update this thread as soon as I have any news.

Wow - this is incredible! I own a few of your assets and they are top quality. Looking forward to this one :slight_smile:

Can this be used to randomly create assets at runtime, or is it in editor only?

For now it’s designed for in-editor only, but I’ll investigate this and maybe add runtime generation support with some future update, if nothing serious stops me. Technically it should be possible to generate it at runtime after altering some blueprints, but it might be tricky, e.g. generated asset is a Procedural Mesh Component (that you can convert to Static Mesh) that sits on (0,0,0) location by design. This also could be solved with some modifications, but there are many other possible roadblocks for this - e.g. how to control the generation parameters, how to drag the nodes around workspace at runtime, etc.

Update: It’s already published:

Does this create files that you can then use in projects that don’t have the plugin installed?

Yes, it creates regular static meshes that you can export as .fbx/.obj or migrate to another project.

Hey, I have a question for all of you seeing this, do you see the Document Outline on the left, in the documentation?

Please answer here or vote:

(I found it inconsistent, sometimes Google Docs won’t display the Document Outline bar, but I think it’s good now. Just wanted to make sure, since it’s a lot easier to navigate using the outline)

This looks amazing. I would buy it, but not entirely sure I’m competent enough to use it. Could you perhaps make a “lite” version with a max of 3 parameters or something? I really love some of the examples you’ve made though.

Thank you, that’s a good idea.
Removing most of the parameters would be hard to not cripple the functionality, but I could simplify the whole system by removing some of the more specialized features like different UV mapping methods, auto vert smoothing or surface-aligning mesh decals. Maybe concentrating only on simpler low poly flat shaded assets (e.g. like the included Bucket Generator) would help to create a Lite version, with decreased price.

The only thing that I’d need to figure out is to how to manage the ‘upgrade’ process for customers. So if someone decides to upgrade from Lite version, then only the difference in price would be paid. But as far as I know, there’s no mechanism on the Marketplace for that…

… So I’ll think about that.
For now please check the video tutorials and the documentation to see how the workflow looks like, that should give you some insight. I can also help you directly via support email.

My first individual sale starts today!
All my tools are 22% off, including the Procedural Asset Creator:…file/S.+Krezel

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Already at my monthly spending limit, but picking this up asap :slight_smile:

Awesome! If you do pick it up and need any help, I’ll be available again in ~15 hours from now, when I return home.

Just picked this up, one of the best assets I’ve seen on the marketplace. Will be using it everyday from now on. :slight_smile:

Is the smart spline generator included with this somehow or another? If not, how does smart spline compare with VEA game’s new spline asset? Thanks!

Thank you, that’s very nice to hear! I hope it’ll be useful for you. If you make any new asset with it, I’d be grateful if you could send me some screenshots of it - I’m just curious :slight_smile:

Smart Spline Generator is a separate product not included in PAC, but it’s interesting that you ask about this - I’ve thought about adding it (integrating with PAC) but it was too much.
PAC has some very similar logic for surface aligning decals (similar surface-align algorithm to the one in SSG, but a bit different, tailored for decal placement), but that’s the only thing that ‘left’ from my initial idea about SSG integration.
I’m not familiar with this VEA Games asset, but it looks like a different product - SSG is for surface-aligning asset generation like vines, cables, ropes, fences, etc., I don’t see any surface align feature in the Spline Mesh Solutions, but maybe I’m missing something. As far as I can see, both these tools are designed for something different - it’s hard for me to do a proper comparison though, since I don’t own this asset.

Sure, I’d love to send some screenshots/movies of the stuff I’m doing, especially if it helps you promote PAC! I’ll try to do that for my AAA quality assets :slight_smile: I woke up this morning really excited to use this, I’m really enjoying it so far. So many possibilities, I need to check in detail how things such as the potion label generation works.

I’d also say performance is really good for what it’s doing - I added two highly detailed armchair static meshes (25k triangles each - for reference, some of the character models I have from the marketplace are like 13k) to various points of the potion generator just to see what happened - it worked pretty well (took around eight seconds to randomize). So you can get away with using two or three high poly meshes with materials, while also generating all the other random meshes, nodes and stuff, which is really good. Of course, when I added eight of those armchairs to the fence generator I got freezing at intermittent intervals for long periods - so I wouldn’t recommend that :stuck_out_tongue: Also when it was frozen, it only reached 35% of CPU usage for some reason - maybe some room for optimisation there?

By the way, sometimes FinalAsset_BP just disappears from the viewport if its moved accidentally - is there a way to get it back without reopening the level? Can the FinalAsset_BP be used directly somehow or must we always click “Create Static Mesh” for placement in other projects? I’m guessing its better to keep the generator levels in this project (which is really nicely setup by the way). Now I’m suddenly very curious about “procedural placement” haha.

Thanks for the info on the spline generator too, I’m really interested in trying the surface decal stuff next. Only scratched the surface so far!

Thank you for the info! It’s good to know that it can handle it, even if it’s not designed for such heavy asset parts. Please keep in mind that vertex-heavy static mesh nodes can take a while to process, because it needs to iterate over each vert at one point. This might be improved in future if Epic provides a BP node for filling arrays with X amount of objects at once, I’ll probably make a request for that soon.

I’ve tried to lock the main FinalAsset actor from moving (you can see that it displays the red icon when hovering over the transform gizmo) but even if it’s not moved, it still disappears for some reason if user tries to move it anyway. The best way to avoid that is to click on it only when converting to static mesh (that’s the only reason to click) and try to not touch the transform gizmo.
If this will keep happening to you, I’ll try to figure out some fix or workaround again.

Yes, it’s better to export the generated meshes e.g. as .FBX or migrate them to your goal project as Static Mesh. Technically, the final mesh before converting could be used in game (it’s a Procedural Mesh Component) and that’s one way to implement in-game asset generation in future, by the way… But saving it is a regular static mesh is more convenient, since you can save it to your project folder independently, or even export it to your 3D app for edits. Regular Static Meshes are also easier to integrate with other UE features.

Yes, procedural placement can be very powerful and time saving. To learn more about the PAC methods, it’s worth to check the included “Maps/Simple Examples” maps, along with the documentation. In case of any questions, feel free to ask here or on the support email and I’ll try to help.