Procedural Animation

Is it possible in Unreal Engine to generate animation on-the-fly (procedural animation)?
Can we access individual joints and control them to generate animation dynamically at run time?

You sure can.

For simple stuff you can rotate bones using BP’s but if the character has to interact with world space it’s gets more difficult. The easier approach is context based animation.

Can you provided a bit more detail of what you are interested in doing? If you just want to add some secondary animations to the movement you can do that directly with the physics asset.

Thank you for replying. I will check your suggestions.

I am new to Unreal Engine and animation in generic. I am trying to find a game engine or a virtual world that has good or “full” support for procedural animation. By, procedural animation, I mean generating animation by programming, but not using data-driven or prerecorded methods such as motion capture date or key-framing. It will be possible to generate animation on the fly at run time if Unreal Engine provides ways to have full control on joints such that we can control them and generate animation. I am starting a research program on procedural animation and looking for a software to implement procedural animation technique, but to do that the software should have support for generating animation on the fly, in real-time and at run time.

WOW big time project.

I do know you can get and set a joint in BP’s which is just C++ exposed.

Also it’s been done I assume in another engine.

Thank you for replying and helping. We want characters that are self-controlled, self-directed and can adapt intelligently to their changing environment. Characters that move and response to changes and user in real-time and at a good level of realism require using best physics simulation, procedural animation techniques with sort of AI and optimization bases.

Would also like to see a simple example in C++ how to do procedural animation.