Procedural Animation like rockstar game (rdr2)

Hi all, I have a question!

Will we be able to somehow make the same realistic animations as in rdr 2 without having millions of money and hundreds of animators?

As we know, rdr 2 animations use muscle simulation, and so on.

Can we do that in the Unreal engine?

Maybe you know good tools or plugins for procedural Animation and Simulations of muscles and others, whether it’s paid or not. Maybe you know such projects are in development?

I’m really wondering if ordinary people, animators, will be able to make the same animations as in rdr games.

Maybe you have something very similar to the rdr2 animations? Or do you know what’s in development?

Check out “Control Rig” and suiting tutorial videos. This might help.

I thought if ue5 had full Body IK, that would help.
For example do: full Body IK + procedural Animation + mocap animation = realistic animation similar to gta.