Procedural animation after animation interpolation.

Hi folks, I am doing a personal research project which I cannot say much about yet, and I am in need of little help, I am new to unreal and I am going through massive amount of tutorial and getting comfortable with the API.
What I am trying to do is the following, I want to have some procedural animation on some bones, adding some dynamics, and that needs to happen after all the animation interpolation happened in personas. Meaning, the usual animation interpolation happens and I use the resulting position for the dynamic simulation, once I computed the new position for the bone I will proceed in setting it.
As stated above I am fairly new to ue4 so I am mainly asking for some tips to get started, I would rather do it from c++ but I can prototype with blueprint.
First step would be, can I query bone position after animation evaluation happened, like between anim and render? If so do you guys have any good resource I can look at ?

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Hi , guys, I have been studying and learned a lot more on ue4 animation mechanism. I watched the UE4 tutorials about persona etc.
The thing I found got closest to what I wanted to do was this tutorial:

around 12:53

The mentor scales the head bone, the only problem is that the only way you can get the bones matrix is inside a blendspace, in that case idle/run blend space. I would like to have this procedural animation work on any animation blend space, not just specific one (or replicate the setup on all blend space).

I am trying to get it done on event graph animation blueprint, but the only thing I can do with bone is get bone name from an index, or get index from bone but not the actual matrix/transform.
Anyone has any clue on how that can be handled? Right now I am trying to get it done as blueprint just as a prototype.

Here I have a prototype of muscle setup in maya:

The goal is to attach some bones on the muscle to get good deformation, then at runtime to jiggle those bones to get some secondary motion.

Any tips on how to get the matrix bone after interpolation would be great.