Procedural and manual level creation

Hello, I’m trying to design a maze using a mix of procedural and manual generation. I have the maze already generated and would like to place other objects in the maze. The issue is the maze object is created on BeginPlay and so I’m unable to view it in the Editor itself while dragging the object to the Outliner. Any suggestions?

I’m thinking of doing something in the Construction Script or the object Constructor but not not sure if that would be the way to go.

I’m still getting familiar with the Engine code base and only have a little experience in Maya or Blender since I’m a programmer.

Afaik, moving the stuff (that creates the level) from Begin Play to the Constructor is the only way to be able to touch up the generated level in the editor. I’m pretty sure that, when using BP, the constructor is the only place where you can see changes in the editor (without running the game).