Procedual "roguelike" generation

I am looking to make a roguelike dungeoncrawler with elements of permadeath. But I dont know how to create a procedural generation system. Could anyone point me in the right direction.

Procedural generation is really just the art of figuring out how to build a house brick by brick, and then writing those instructions down and feeding it to a computer. Like when teaching a robotic arm to do a task, you can manually move it point by point and record each step. Then hit play and it repeats the process.

So first, you have to ask yourself what kind of bricks you have. How do they fit together? Figure out the complete variety of rooms, halls, etc that you will have and manually place them relative to each other. Think of all the combinations that these might fit together. Worry about how to put stuff into the rooms later. Right now you just need the overall shape and how the rooms fit together on the outside.

Once you have all that figured out you can start to do it procedurally.

This post is a beautiful metaphor lol

Also there is a tutorial file you can download for free in the learn tab so…


You should check this. Your problem is solved, except for the “What kind of dungeon you want”, as Zeustiak pointed out.