PROC ROC: Bone-driven Procedural Generation Construction Kit



PROCROC (Bone-Driven Deforming System aka Morphbones) started as a Design-time & Run-time Procedural Generation System to create infinite variations for Pebbles {Rocks, Boulders, Meteorites, Asteroids} but was extended to create variations of other shapes. Use the shapes to Assemble props with many variations.

With Bone-Driven Deformation, the mesh shape can be transformed at design-time to produce many variations of Static Meshes, or at run-time to change appearance and also serve as special effect for Impact Damage.

DISCLAIMER: Quixel Megascans are used for demonstration purposes only. Not Included in Product. Please visit and for more information on Quixel Megascans.


  1. Showcase: PROCROC Exhibit - YouTube
  2. Showcase Replication: PROCROC Exhibit Replicated - YouTube
  3. Overview Map: PROCROC Overview For Screenshots - YouTube





  • 16 Simple Polygon Shapes with Skeletons that can be animated into complex shapes!
  • 2 Simple PBR Material (with parameters for diffuse color, specular, roughness, metallic, emissive).
  • Modular Blueprints (Component-based)
  • Replication for Hosted and Dedicated Multiplayer Support.


  • Drag Polygon Shapes at design time to generate various static meshes from within UnrealEditor.
  • Animate Polygon Shapes in real-time for deformation and morphing effect.
  • Combine multiple PROC ROC Meshes for a variety of Composite Props: Monsters, Weapons, Furniture, Vehicles, whatever you can Imagine!

Number of Skeletal Meshes: 16
Number of Blueprints: 51
Network Replicated: YES
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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PROC ROC MONSTER: TRUE GOLEM embodies a Modular Procedural Content Creation methodology inspired by the Spore Creature Creator (and other character customization systems) taking a Kit-bashing approach.

Design-Time Modular Kit-bashing is heavily used in Level Design, however, our goal is to promote using the methodology for assembly of Game Entities such as Creatures, Weapons, Machines, and Props.

Assemble the Entities’ Aesthetics from modular Mesh components for greater content variety, instead of using singular Mesh.

Used in the above:

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PROC ROC: Bone-driven Procedural Generation Construction Kit v1.1 Submitted to the Unreal Marketplace for approval. Unfortunately it was NOT accepted.

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