Problen with uv in unreal

Sooo i’m geting a crazy problem there.

In maya the model are ok, the uv are ok, i export without any erro.

In substance painter i paint, and export, without any erro again.

But in unreal, this happens:

> any erro msgs when i import the model for unreal.

About the multi-material-tower i use the same way to make that torre and works just well.

Any ideia what happen there guys?


You might have some inverted normals on your model. Apply a material to it in Maya and view it using viewport 2.0. Black faces indicate normals that need to be flipped.

In maya is ok with the textures too.

This is weird. I had a similar problem when a model wasn’t triangulated properly. I mostly explorted quads and would get this issue. When I triangulate it before exporting, the issue disappears. Your last screenshot indicates partly triangulation and partly quads.

Some loose faces, or unwelded vertices?
I never triangulate before export in Blender, bad experience with that(materialbased).
At some parts it is looking like a second object glitching through.
In blender i get sometimes similar results, when using mirror modifier, or an array with marginal offset.

Check your UV’s and their channels in UE4. In the edit mesh screen overlay the UV’s. By default texture UV should be in UV Channel 0 and lightmap UV in UV Channel 1.

So i see something weeeiiirrdd.

The UV Channel 1 is the right UV from the object.

But the UV channel 0 is… what… i never see this UV before.

Soooooooooooooo i see what i did wrong, because some random-i-dont-know-how-hell-i-make-that i made one second UV in maya and the painter show that uv but the unreal import both giving base to the first one.

Well its working, thanks a lot guys. :slight_smile:

make 1 to 0 and you fix it.