I am experiencing a problem that I am having trouble solving. I have created two separate levels along with a main menu level for my main menu. I have named the levels level_1 and level_2. Level 1 has terrain that I made myself and level 2 is a building made with the different geometry tools. I have made a main menu that allows me to click on play level 1, play level 2, or quit. The play level 2 button works and loads me into level 2 but I cannot move the character around for some reason when I do. Level 1 however when I click on it instead of loading me into the level I created with the terrain it loads me into the started map for the third-person blueprint and I can’t figure out how to solve this issue. Also I can’t move the character around in the level 1 area either. My quit button also works properly. I would highly appreciate any help that anyone could give me with this issue.