Problems with vertical loop on spline mesh

I’m playing around with splines and spline meshes these days and I’m trying to get a chain of spline meshes to go in a vertical loop. A problem This has proved to be a lot more difficult than I imagined so I’m hoping I can get some help on the forums. I have asked the same question at AnswerHUB, but have not gotten any responses, so I’m trying the forums as well. The problem is that spline meshes will twist 180 degrees when they cross the up vector of the spline like so:


This problem has ben addressed and answered one year ago here. However I have not been able to replicate this solution. This might either be because how UE4 handles splines has been changed or that I am missing something. In the solved AnswerHUB thread I linked to above the problem of spline meshes twisting was solved by setting the up direction of each spline mesh to be roughly equal to its normal by using a small trick:


Here are the results posted in the old AnswerHUD thread:


When I attempt to do the same thing it works great as long I keep all spline points along the same axis, but breaks down if they are not lined up:



My blueprint is a bit different from the one above, as I’m getting the tangent at a distance instead of the direction. Using direction gives me even worse results, however, with the spline meshes not following the spline exactly. Here is my current blueprint:


Any help will be greatly appreciated as I’ve been stuck trying to solve this problem for quite some time. I’m not great at vector math and my hope is that I’ve just missed some small, obvious step.

Thank you. Monokkel

having somewhat the same problem, just at runtime.
here are referenz:


5 years later, Spline+splineMesh combos are still weird but…
with the new transform nodes, fixing it becomes quite easy.

forgot a node comment: “D2R” nodes are “degrees to radians”

Works with any turn less than 180;base64

Still broken past 180 degrees, but that’s expected​