Problems with Vehicle import

I am trying to bring in a new custom vehicle from Blender 2.70 to UE4.2. I have modified the .FBX exporting routine in Blender as per GEODAV recommendations and that works fine to fix the additional bone issue. What I am having troubles with is that even though the vehicle is imported facing down the x axis correctly, when I make my Blueprint for the vehicle it seems to be turned 90 degrees and I am looking at the side of the car facing forward! How do you fix this?

Also, does anyone know how to setup a vehicle so that a human type character can walk up to the car and then begin to drive it?

not sure what might have gone wrong, i’ve just tried with my old blender car which imported fine and looks ok when i add it to a vehicle bp.

can you double check the root bone origination to be sure that it is aligned correctly, without pics or content i’m only guessing

ok here’s what i just found
when i add the spring-arm and the camera , set the camera (use controller view rotation) untick box, i forgot to tick that box for the spring-arm , so i got a side view when i tested in game. not sure if this might be your problem but i hope it helps

Enlightenment! Thank you GeoDav! That seems to have been the cause of my viewpoint orientation issue. The car still seems to be moving incorrectly in that when I hit the forward button it moves side to side instead of forward and reverse. Steering looks OK and so does the event graph. So I think it’s movement problem is because of a rotational/orientation type issue with the vehicle movement component. I will let you know what I find out.

I have the same problem.

I found a car model, trimmed it in Blender, and imported it into version 4.8 and it looks correct, but as soon as you start it, the camera and driving thinks it is 90 degrees off. When looking at the skeleton parts, they are all pointing their X-axis forward, so it looks like it should be correct. I spent hours testing the coordinate systems, because to start with my Blender version had the Y-axis as forward. I tested rotation on import, I tested changed axis on export, and I finally got around to rotate the model in Blender so I could just directly import it with no changes, but the camera still didn’t want to cooperate.

I never knew it could be so hard to rotate things in 3D programs. All I wanted was to rotate everything 90 degrees around an axis. I ended up having to set my vertex child wheels as objects just to have them almost rotate along. Because my pivot point wasn’t perfectly central I had to make minor adjustments to the wheels after rotating. Weirdly enough if I set them to vertex instead of objects again, they return to their old locations (Where do they even find this position information?). One would think that after rotating that stuff, they’d stay put, but the 3D world of modelling seem to not be designed for ease of use.

So I’m currently taking a break from this mystery, and I hope there isn’t some ancient 3D Voodoo going on where the wheels act on their past vertex positions in a reverse coordinate system instead of where they are visibly located.

Hi, I was going through the same problem but i think i found the solution… Goto the skeleton asset of your car and zoom in to your main body bone!. I found out that my main body bone was pointing towards y but all the rest objects, including body and wheels were pointing towards x . So fix the bone positioning .
:slight_smile: Hope this was helpfull.