Problems with values

Oh Hi there, I need your help, how fast you can, I Want something like this:

Value A(String) is under 20, set Value B(Boolean) to false, wait 2 second set Value B to true

Not sure if I understood correctly, but I guess you are looking for something like this:

I already did that, before you show me, and this system have a little bug, I used eventtick and this is repeating and setting aBool to false after 2 seconds to true, and in just a tick is going back to false, and that is true just for 1 milisecond

If you have to use it on event tick, then make a second boolean. Take a look at this:

Make sure the second boolean is true by default.

Yeah, there is the same problem, the Booleans are true or false, as same, and that make the new value useless

Still have that problem, it’s for a stamina system