Problems with UTimelineComponent

I have a custom Actor with several UTimelineComponent which controls several procedural 2D animations (1 timelinecomponent for each animation).

When one animation is active I activate and set visible all related components. When one animation is not active, I deactivate and set hidden all related components.

Problem arises with **UTimelineComponent. When I Deactivate it or Stop it I can not get it working again! **So at the moment, I have to let the UTimelineComponents keep ticking even if the animations are disabled … is it something weird with Deactivate / Stop function on UTimelineComponent ?

ps. All components in my use case are naked pointers (live in TArray tagged with UPROPERTY) registered manually.


nobody has a clue? x(

Please post this question to the Answer Hub:
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okey done!

ps. What should I ask there (answerhub) and what should I ask here () ?


It’s fine to post your question here -someone may still respond with an answer to this thread. However, in this case I thought it might get a quicker response in the Answer Hub and/or may be a bug. The request to include a link to this thread is for other users with a similar issue to find the answer easier both here and the Answer Hub. It may still take a while for someone to address this, but posting it to the Answer Hub should speed things along.

as said here

I can not reproduce the issue anymore in the last engine version :slight_smile: