Problems with Unreal Engine 4

I have some really big problem with the editor - its not usable for me AT ALL.
Im using ARK Editor, its turning on exactly 5 minutes. When i open blueprint (or anything) i need to wait from 1 to 4 minutes. When i hit ,play’’ button i wait 10 minutes. Within this time editor is not responding until it finishes doing (what?).

No my computer is not bad: Intel Xeon X5650 @ 2933.44 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR so can someone help me with it?

The CPU is a bit old, but if that memory speed is accurate, 667mhz is less than half the standard

Your RAM is the slowest I’ve ever seen, and from what I’ve heard, Xeon processors are not good for gaming. Honestly I think you should move this thread to the ARK sub-forum, as you are not using the standard UE4 editor.

CPU-Z reports ram speed at half speed. He actually has 1333mhz RAM. That’s still not fast by any means, but it is pretty normal.

Your system specs seem to be pretty good. You should be able to run UE4 easily. Maybe the problem is OS or software related.