problems with unreal engine 4.24

Hi, my name is Josue, and I’m 28 years old. Well I have a problem I am working on a project that is already very advanced, I was currently at 4.22 but decided to upgrade to 4.24 and problems arose, all related to the compilation of shaders and that is that every time I open the project they start to compile one Again, and there are approximately 16 thousand shaders. once they finish compiling I save my project I close the editor, and I will open it again because to my surprise they compile again and it is very annoying, why does this happen?

I do not know what the “exact” cause of the problem is, but I believe the problem is because of something in version 4.24 ( it crashes like every 5 mins while edting for me ), and not just for me, a lot of other people are also having issues with 4.24 being very unstable.

I fixed “all” my problems by switching over to engine version 4.23.1, since I have, I have had almost zero crashes while editing, I suggest switching to engine version 4.23.1.

I plan to skip version 4.24 entirely, and hope they fix all the problems in version 4.25 or later, indie dev here, so I don’t really need the latest stuffs, still learning the basics, so its not a big deal for me.

God Bless you. May Jesus Christ be Charitable unto you :slight_smile:

Acts 10 : 33 - 48, google it, its Awesome.

el problema se me resolvió solo