Problems with Toggle Visibility

Hey guys!

I’ve been watching videos from Unreal Engine channel on youtube and reading the documentation. Even though, I’m having trouble with Toggle Visibility, in other words, when I connect the pin from point light reference and selected toggle visibility on pop up menu, it appears another component for transformation. This is happening with 4.10 version. I download 4.7.6 and it works just fine. I know that toggle visibility is “set” as Target is Scene Component, but I think it shouldn’t because I have selected point light. What am I missing?

That’s all.

Nothing seem to be wrong with this, actually. Not too sure what the question is. the light does turn off when the checkbox is empty.

There is no input for the “Toggle Visibility” node. Something needs to feed into that, like an Event (When a key is pressed, when something is overlapped, etc.).