Problems with the Windows RawInput

I have a USB controller input device, more specifically the GameCube Controller Adapter for Wii U & PC USB made by MAYFLASH. This is not a device that works XInput and instead utilizes DirectInput. While testing with the Windows RawInput plugin with this controller I ran into the problem that the axis are always on their “on” state, meaning that the character is perpetually running forward even without any input form the player. I decided to test with other programs and none of them ran into this problem. I have no knowledge if this is a problem with other controllers that use the DirectInput type of data sending or this is a problem with the model itself, which I doubt considering that the other programs I’ve tested do not run into this problem. If anybody has any idea of how to solve this problem I would gladly accept the help.

Did you find any solution to this? Having the exact same problem!

The controller aixs always hava value,when aixs state is false,its value is 0,when state is true ,its value is range -1 to1.So,if your aixs have value and it isnot 0 when state is false, i think you should set offset in rawinputplugin setting to make its value 0.
Hope helpful