Problems with the Landscape Material

Unfortunately, I had to renew the material for the textures, and now after the map’s cook the bottom textures are no longer displayed. I have only gray boxes now. But everything works in the dev kit. What am I doing wrong?

I have previously exported all paint layers and then re-imported, unfortunately it does not work.

Please help me.

It’s odd that it would work in the editor but not ingame. If you open up the material in the editor are you seeing any errors? Try applying the landscape material that is applied on theIsland because you know it works and cooking with that. Make sure you apply at least one material across the landscape of course,
Also please elaborate on what you mean by bottom texture. Do you mean the bottom most base texture your applying to your landscape (which could be any texture) or do you mean lowest texture on the layer paint list.

I have already solved this problem. I forgot to put the MM Landscape material in my mods folder.