Problems with the Apex Physx lab for destructibles

I know this is really nVidia related, but I know some of you guys use this tool, and the nVidia forums for APEX are a ghost town.

So, I’ve got this nice year old tool, Physxlab 1.3. The problem is it doesn’t seem to work very well. I can go into the playground and hit a fractured mesh with a hammer, and it fractures, but very slowly.

I can drop a mesh, but it falls very slowly.

Firing spheres and boxes doesn’t work at all. Radial damage, no idea how that’s supposed to work, but I can’t get it to.

So what’s going on with this thing? I’ve got a very fast machine with 24 gigs of ram and Geforce 880M (very decent mobile Geforce).

Does this tool suck this much for everyone, or just me?

When you start up the playground set the gravity to 980 instead of 9.8.

I’ve never gotten this work either, but then again, I’ve not really used the playground too much. I just use the hammer and if everything looks in order I bring it into UE4 with my test project with a weapon already setup to test the final results.

I’ve never found significantly helpful documentation with it myself with regards to the playground. The tool as a whole is a still really good even though there appears (at least) to be some issues with the playground.

I’ve used it enough to get destructibles. It sucks in UI/Workflow ways, but its free and it can do a lot. The weapons I used were from FPShooter project. The one with “real” guns not the physics ball shooter. I don’t know if that physics ball gun causes damage in the way the tool is expecting.

I’m sure you watched the 7 or so videos on destruction, specifically on how to test your destruction in the assets tab, with the hammer like Tim is suggesting. Is it at least working there?

Oh and I think the tool is more like 3++ years old. It hasn’t changed significantly in years.

It can cause damage but needs to be setup first. The projectile needs to have it’s collision profile set to generate overlap event for destructibles and vice versa for the DM from what I remember. It’s been a while since I’ve used the projectile ball.

I would agree the UI could use an overhaul. I love the tool but it’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused by what’s going on until you get used to it.

Maybe when PhysX 3.4 comes out there will be an awesome update for it! :smiley:

I have to disagree about the state of the tool - it’s really quite poor. If one of my tools guys produced that I would have thrown it back, even for internal use.

Also, it doesn’t really do that much. I really think the UE4 Destructible mesh editor should just implement all of its functionality, properly.

Hi folks,

First, my apologies on behalf of NVIDIA for your experiences with PhysX Lab, and the NV forum. We’ll do better. Personally I would like to see a system in UE4 where PhysX Lab is not required. The team here at NV is working on some sample content to exercise the UE4 workflow, and I like to restart this anew after GDC.


This is awesome, Mike! I personally love using destruction and look forward to anything cool you all have being worked up! :smiley: