Problems with Testing Game (after downloading from Play Store)

I created my game and uploaded it to the play store for testing. But when i download it and start it this message appears you can see on the screenshot below. The screen stays like this until i close the app. Even if i wait very long time.

When i restart again it crashes a few times with a black screen. Than it shows me the splash screen i added to the project and a message apears on the screen. You can see this here.

Does anyone know what’s going wrong here? And how to solve this? As i run the game in deveopment mode over usb debugging on my phone it worked very well. The size of the app is around 25 mb.

Have you tried to tick the option ‘package obb inside .apk’ ? I think it’s in the project settings, under Android.

If you have a project size that is less than 50mb, it’s recommended to package the obb itself inside .apk when uploading it to the PlayStore

Hi Leolyn,

Based on your comment that the size of the app is 25 mb I’m assuming you build an OBB instead of using “Package game data inside .apk” in Android Project Settings. If the APK with this on is 100 MB or less, you don’t need an OBB. Also make sure you turn on “Create compressed cooked packages” in the Packaging panel, you have to expact the Packaging section to see it.

If you need to use an OBB, did you actually upload it to the store and have the proper “Games App ID” set in the Google Play Services section with your license key from the dashboard?

I’m thinking by the error that you did not package obb inside APK, and also did not upload the generated obb to your developer console.

Thanks for all who answered. I figured this problem out and my app is available in play store now. So here for all who have the same problem:

  • In the project setting in the tap “android” check “package data inisde apk”. After packaging you will have 1 apk file.
  • If you want to upload an app to the play store that is bigger than 100 mb make sure to uncheck it. After packaging you will have 1 apk file and 1 obb file. First you need to upload the apk file. After this you can choose a extension file, which is the obb file, to upload.