Problems with Source Code Download


I have a problem related to the download version 4.6.

Until the version 4.5.1, i could download the files:, Riquired, Riquired, source_code.zit directly from the site without the Github for windows.
But in the current version, you must have GitHub for Window. And GitHub for Windows simply does not install on my pc.

It’s possible to put again the files for download ???


The GitHub distribution process has changed slightly in th past.
Now you only need to download one zip (from the github page, not the client).
Then you extract it, run setup.bat, which will download all further dependencies.
After that you hit CreateProjectFiles, after that you open the UE4 solution in VisualStudio and compile away… :slight_smile:
No no longer fiddeling with multiple zips and stuff. I like it :slight_smile:


Check out new Readme

ohh Man! I’m pretty dumb! I have not read the redme!
Thanks guys!