Problems with sharing project to other devs

We decided worked together with friends, so at first we try to share project between PC (all of them are with Win10).
So we created a git repository and initialized thouse by theese folders&files:

  • Content
  • Config
  • project file

But there was some problems after somebody another try to launch project:

  1. Other dev cant load map cuase error “Map.umap apperas to be asset file” - i’ve found that this problem was caused by LFS git setup ( but i didn’t understand why ?.. some forum threads advise to use LFS…)So reload git repo without lfs and found second problems
  2. Loaded map didn’t connected to static mesh from content folder. This problem was cured by download all the same content pack from market place ( why we need to do this if there is already content files in project folder, or why sourcecontro from UE4 didnt connect nedeed files to git ?)
  3. Last problem fas that after all actions written above was done wotld outliner was empty… This problem was cured by total rebuild and validating data in project… after couple of hourse we get working project…

So the questions are:

  1. Is there any easier way to do the same ?
  2. What we did wrong in seqence above?

p.s. sry for my english, it is not native for me