Problems with set master pose component after 4.6

After updating to 4.6, the set master pose component doesn’t seam to be working for characters that are already in the level at startup.

If a character is added by the world script the set master pose component works fine !

Any ideas ?


Did you figure this out? I just upgraded one of my project to 4.5 and I’m having the same issue…

I am relatively sure this is a bug and has been reported. I am awaiting the release of 4.7 to see if its fixed. Let me know if you find out anything else

Just tried this out in 4.7 and it does not seem to be fixed.
Any luck on your end?


I just updated to 4.7, and I can’t get it working either. I’ll try and find a bugID and track it.

W Jones

As of 4.8 using set master pose in the construction script is “unsafe” … I just don’t know how your supposed to use it… maybe in the begin play event for the level blueprint?

yes, event being play worked for me