Problems with Select Char.

Hello Guys.
I Make one project for Kids in UE4. My second Project.
And now i try Make a Didatic Game. But i have problems with Select Char. I see one Tutorial in Youtube but i see something is missing. I compile the widget and Events Graphs like the tutorial on YouTube. But When i chose Char. Keep my default Char.

-My default Char is one Orange.
-When I start my game in lvl for chose Char (lvl “Select_Char”) and chose another Char, ex: One Apple. I take in this Apple in lvl Selec_Char . But i press start and that Apple i chose dont appear.

I’ll leave the tutorial link and some prints. Pls help me Guys. This project is for my professional internship.
My apologies for BAD ENGLISH. I know -.-

Link Tutorial: Unreal Engine 4 - Charac

I cant Export all prints so i take links with LighShot
Print _2:
Print _3:
Print _4: