Problems with scriptable tools

Has anyone run through the steps posted here: Scriptable Tools & Editor Mode | Tutorial for 5.2? The page shows recently updated but there are aspects of it that don’t seem applicable for 5.2 (How you get “Get Ray Start End” Fn and “Append Sphere Box” Fn for example, not accessible for me in the context described). I’m also seeing a problem where the “Test if hit by click” function always has the Click Pos empty (debug mode) no matter what you do in the window (using blueprint debugger) - likewise the modifiers are never set (shift, ctl, alt). The world pos/dir is there (and changes) but not understanding how to replicate the construction of the start/end points as depicted (short of creating my own function, which I did). Ultimately I got around even the missing “Append” function (using Spawn Actor from Object) but all of this seems outdated. The missing functions don’t make sense to me as there is no obvious deprecation replacement.

Something not mentioned in the tutorial is that you will need to enable the “Geometry Scripting” plugin and “Procedural Content Genration Framework(PCG) Geometry Script Interop” plugin. You can find those in the Edit>Plugins menu.

Once those are enabled and editor restarted those nodes you are missing should show up. Hope this helps.

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