Problems with scaling UI for Native Resolutions 1440x900 and 1680x1050 (DPI-Curve)


I have a problem with setting up my widgets for different Resolution settings, namly 1440x900 and 1680x1050.

I guess the problem is that the DPI curve works with the ratio between vertical and horizontal screen sizes. What means its not a problem to up- or downscale between 720p, 900p 1080p and so on because the ratio is the same. However as soon as we leave this ratio it’s almost impossible to find the right scale to make the widgets functional and visual appealing.

I understand that you can create a custome curve and I have the feeling this shouldn’t be an uncommon problem. So I hope someone can help me.

Related Question to Resolution.
I relised that changing the resolution in windowed mode higher than your native resolution the game just clips to your native resolution and changes to full screen. Is that normal or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you

There’s a setting right there in the same screen where you choose if the curve is read based on the highest or smallest value of width and height, not the ratio. I think it defaults to smallest, so the X value in the curve graph means the screen height for landscape screens (monitors and TVs). This means the value you set for 1080 will be used for any resolution that is 1080 pixels high, no matter the ratio.

So just add points at 900 and 1050 to set the scale that is going to be used for those resolutions.

Also, you don’t need to resize the window to test how it’s going to look at different resolutions. In the UMG designer, you can change the preview resolution and even manually resize it by dragging the bottom right corner of the bounds.

Thank you, but this doesn’t help. The scaling is still in proportion to each other. What I need is 2 values plus setting the resolution. 1 to set the scaling value of X and 2 for the scaling of Y for a certain resolution . Right now I only can select resolution and 1 value what means its still based on the ratio what ever rule I set. Or am I too stupid?