Problems with SaveGame

I don’t know whats the problem…its so easy, but its strange…
What is wrong?
…its not a Error by using the Blueprints. And no errors are shown, the project runs. But… Than i found this:


What can i do?

I have to learn something about the Assets and how to set them. Please help.

It took me the whole day to clean up the project, because i used two playercontroller to prepair the project. I had Bugs in the editor, so now i tried all with one playercontroller and one gamemode.
Now this… How do i controll the Assets?
I need to learn this now. Please help!

Something more… as i checked the Icon in the Variables Settings…it Chancen. Befördert there where a different Symbol for the struct . It was a Square with two Lines going out to small squares But now its a single line like a String variable But still blue