Problems with retargeted animations / Left hand deformed

Hello guys,

im new to unreal and did spend some days now to bring a charakter from makehuman (1.1.1) -> blender (2.78) to UE4 (4.17.1)
The best way for me was to follow this short makehuman to unreal workflow video:

The imported Skel Mesh looks fine in Ue4 at the first look But when i try to retarget an anmimation from Animation Starter Pack the left hand get deformed.

All bones after pelvis are set to Skeleton in the retarget manager.

Any ideas why this is happening ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply,

I have tried to paint the wrist but end up with a hand witch is more deformed as before.
When i apply the script(from the tutorial) some bones and vertex groups get added for
upperarm_twist_01_l, lowerarm_twist_01_l, thigh_twist_01_l, calf_twist_01_l, but not for the right site and the twist bones are also not weight painted.

When i choose the vertex group lowerarm_l the weight painting goes over the whole forearm and also over the twist. Do you think that could be the problem ?

I have checked the newest Unreal-mannequin and the weight painting there is different.

Push :slight_smile: In the attachment is my blender file. would be nice when someone could tell me how i can fix this.