Problems with relationship between scene scale and yaw controller input

Good day.

I started recently with Unreal Engine (using 4.25.3) and I’m in a confusion with the relationship between scene scale and yaw controller input. I want to control player rotation (first person) with the right thumbstick but when I add the controller yaw input the rotation seems to have an origin situated to the left and the player rotates around this point. If I set the scene scale to zero for X and Y the situation resolves and the player rotates from its center in the way I want, however, anything inside the scene disappears.

Is there any way to tell the yaw controller input to act as if the scene scale is zero or use the player center?

Thank you in advance for your support.

Hi @Syavne

Your question is really strange,
I think you have a problem with something in your scene or blueprint,
By default the yaw controller whoul use the actor or pawn center to rotate ,
I never get this kind of behaviour you get,
here a super basic video talking about yaw controller,

I also find your question rather bizarre. Are you sure the character is actually at the centre of the blueprint scene root? If the character is slightly offset to the scene root then it will appear to be rotating off centre.

Sounds like your collider is moving in local space when you* should* be moving the pawn actor in world space instead.