Problems with painting landscape

A project created in 5.0.3, heigtmap imported and started painting the landscape (automated on slope). This includes creation of layerinfo-files in /Maps/(levelname)_SharedAssets.
After migration of this project to 5.1, creating a new project and migrating this level to this new project, I re-started painting the landscape., including creation of the layer-info files. Automated filling in the materials based on slope was no problem, but it paining another (third) material did not work any more. saving the data started to show weird behaviour as well: to be sure I had everything correct, I closed the project and deleted the laerinfo-files from disk.
The original situation on disk:

and in UE:

Next, I add the info files and these show up in the content drawer, and all show up here:

but (not yet) on disk - which makes sense since these are not saved yet).
Next I save all (Select all and CTRL-S): the files show up on disk:

but ALSO a second one in the content drawer:

After closing the project and reopening it, the content drawer shows the correct information:

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