Problems with packaged game, but not in editor?

Hi, I’m relatively new to Unreal and I’m trying to learn by prototyping a simple game completely in C++. I’m nearly done, but I’ve come to encounter a strange hurdle. When I open up my packaged game, everything is fine, works just as well as it did in the editor. However, when I upload the packaged game folder to Google Drive so my friend can test it, he encounters a strange problem where two buttons that redirect the player to the main menu/reloads the level just loads into a black screen. This is only happening to him, and I’m trying to figure out why.

Both buttons are tied to a function each that are nearly identical, save for one of them doing something else as well. Both use

UGameplayStatics::OpenLevel(this, (*GetWorld()->GetName()), false);

to reload the level, as well as set the value of a custom enum in the GameMode. I’ve tried adding the map to the package list, adding it to specific actors in the Asset Manager in the settings, deleted the Intermediate and Saved folders (and rebuilt Visual Studio files), but so far it’s been the same problem.

I welcome any help as to figure out why this occurs. Alternatively, I’m open to suggestions about how to reload a level/game, with creating a function to set all values to default being a last resort.

So, just to help anybody who may come across this later: I managed to fix the problem by disabling the SteamVR plug-in. Another friend of mine playtested the prototype, and while it was fine with him, it brought up the SteamVR overlay. After disabling the plug-in and the SteamVR.uplugin, I sent it back to the first friend, and it was fine.