problems with no/or delayed "2FA-Code E-Mail"

i had the problem that i didn’t get my 2FA-Code or i got it way to late to log in with it (i couldnt reset my password without the 2FA-Code or get a one time password becaus it was so delayed). There was no support at all from Epic in the last 4 days just a useless automessage that said “i should reset my password or actavid the 2FA” <— thx that was my problem (couldn’t play/log in for 4 days and missed the "intensity and the “ravage” and i was so *** hyped for this two)

i don’t know if this is a solved problem already because i didn’T find a solution in forums or on reddit but for those who have this issue atm and don’t know what to do here is a solution that worked for me i read something in a forum that the e-mails from epic are blacklisted somehow and that u can’t do something and that epic need to fix this here is what i did

log into your e-mail account go to “options” → “whitelist” and whitelist (put in) this e-mail adresses * * * (don’t know if all are neede but jsut to get sure :D) wait a few minutes then just try to log in again

hope this helps some people with the same problem if it does hf playing again :slight_smile:

(sorry for my bad english and the grammar this is not my main language)

Hey there, Pokiii.

Looking over your account it looks like your solution actually coincided with an update we did, so while I highly recommend ensuring trusted emails are added to your whitelist, there is no guarantee that this will work for others having similar issues. Our teams are investigating these issues and are working towards finding a resolution for those impacted.

Pk non mi fa

I need 2FA in my account because there’s a thief want steal my account

Nu I’m trimite codul