Problems with my skeleton, any ideas?

I’m using an autorig script for maya called Rapid Rig Advanced

It has features for exporting proper hierarchy for game engines, but for some reason my skeleton/bones look like a mess compared to the normal unreal default character.
Any reason why this could be? I’m only exporting the proper joints without the rig manipulators by ‘exporting selected’ and also tried different fbx versions…

Notice the default character on the left and my rapid rig skeleton on the right looking really messy


That looks correct to me. You are giving it a load of bones, which is great for film animation, but not for game animation. This is how you get the “octopus tentacle” effect in cartoons.

Is there any reason you are not using the Maya Animation Rigging Toolset (ART) for Unreal? I think that would give you what you want, far faster and more easily.

There is a more advanced system made by the same creator called Rapid Rig Modular. I wanted to test rapid rig advanced before I bought it because I already have it. It can provide very handy ways to rig non traditional humanoids (Since A.R.T. seems not aimed at that)

As for rapid rig advanced, The feature of so many bones in the arms and legs is for cartoony bending, but I suppose I can do that with corrective blendshapes instead, so I made a normal amount of joints in my arms & legs now

I figured out something interesting it seems there are multiple skeletons and thats why it looks chaotic, I selected only the rapid rig layer in maya called “df_Joints_SH_Layer” Which I guess stands for Single Hierarchy (for games) and now it looks cleaner in unreal

I still have a problem with scaling, the bones look so big in unreal because the fbx is coming in so small, I set the export units to centimeters but its still small. When I scale up the rig in maya and export, everything appears in different sizes and not even attached to eachother. How can I fix this?

Also I wanted to seamlessly make sure this particular rapid rig advanced rig works with unreal because I plan on buying rapid rig modular which is perfect for quadrapeds, and any other non humanoid! The ‘modular-ness’ of it is awesome!