Problems with modular character and skinned meshes

I’m working on a modular character setup where the player can pick up and equip different clothes at runtime. The character is split into Head, Body, and Legs. The head will always stay the same, so I’m using that as the New Master Bone Component whenever I use the node Set Master Pose Component.

The problem is that I don’t know how to add the rest of the body parts. They are all skeletal meshes with the same skeleton, but I can’t figure out what kind of variables I should store them in and how to make them visible when they should.

I tried creating a couple Skeletal Mesh variables, but they are not accepted by the Set Master Pose Component as it requires a Skinned Mesh Component Reference to work. If I create a variable of the correct type, the list is empty when I try to assign the Default Value.

So yeah, I just need some hints on how to select and store different skeletal meshes and set them as children to the master pose component.

Thanks in advance.

For others interested, this guy gives good tutorial: - YouTube

I want to watch the video, but it’s set as a private video