Problems with menu scripting... Noob question.

Hello folks!

I’m just having a small problem with menu scripting on UE4.10. As it stands I’m a newbie with these things, but I’ll try to explain it as best as I can.

When the game starts up it’s currently loading in the FirstPersonExampleMap. As I’ve been attempting to follow the ui documentation, it matches up with the walkthrough relatively closely. As it stands, when the game starts, it shows the menu screen - but I’m able to control the character in the background. When I click once to fire the character’s weapon, it allows me to select the various menus in the main menu. However, if I click play in the menu (first screenshot below is representative of the menu), I’m able to shoot/move around again, but the menu is still active on the screen. After another click, I’m stuck in the menu again.

(menu screen that stays active all the time.)

Here’s my menu BP - all other functions work except the play button, which I believe is restarting the level and reloading the menu in, but I’m not sure how to reconcile that problem.


And, here’s the level BP for the main game level thus far.


My first thought was to set up a different level that loads in the menu and such first, and then have the play button load in the game level - removing the need to call the menu structure at the start, but I’m not entirely sure how to best go around implementing this.

Many thanks for help in advance.

You need the Input Mode UI Only node.

Looks like that did it. Thanks!