Problems with Media Framework


I originally posted this as a reply to the Media Framework thread, but it might get lost there. Hoping someone can help, as this is something critical to me using UE4!

I am experiencing the same problem as Eduren.

FYI, I am using a few different videos, including the one attached by Gerke (see below). The video is in Content/Movies/.

  • The video is not shown in Content Browser (either drag & drop which gives me “failed to import …] Unknown extension”, or put in folder via explorer.
  • If I create a Media Player, and browse to the URL, in Source>URL, using either stream mode - there are no Video Tracks Available, no audio tracks available, no Caption tracks available.
  • Using the zip that Gerke posted to be incorporated into the Content Examples, this doesn’t work either, and the map isn’t shown in Content Browser either:

Help! I must be doing something wrong. I’m using 4.5.1, and also downloaded the latest preview from github - and no luck there either.



[Edit: FYI, this is for windows EXE only, if that’s important]

I hate it when people bump threads, I really do. But this is a blocking issue for me :frowning: Can anyone offer any advice?

well did you created a Movies folder in your content browser in the editor AND on your windows folder?

Just make sure its there in both place first… then copy your movie file (start with the wmv provided by windows in the Video folder in your windows profile just to make sure cause I know that one work well) to your Windows project\content\Movies folder.

just like this