problems with large height maps, epic mountains

I’ve been using ‘TheSmallIsland’ as a work template, but when I try bringing in my own landscapes that get outside of the 100 meter height range of the current maps to say 1000 meters, I run into lots of problems with clouds being too low, water being too high and lighting issues(full-screen flickering of sample image colors) from the IBL probes. The below link was partially helpful in making some recommendations towards lowering the water level parameters, but not sure if the clouds are at a fixed ‘z’ and just have to offset from that and how to handle the IBL light flickering without knowing if I need to similarly change the scale of the sky_sphere or other elements which might need to be scaled upwards accordingly. Would be interested in seeing a working example map with epic mountains at 1000 to 10,000 meters high(like real-life scale Seven Summits - Wikipedia) vs the easy-sunday-walk of < 1000 meter hills in the current crop of island maps.

have u tryed moving it up? and i would just use a new map with the normal island subs just go through them and pick and choose what u need to keep

Thanks, tried moving up like mentioned in the link, but just sends my larger scale landscape into/above the clouds. I’ve only seen landscape examples of less than 1,000 meters height differential so far and would like to start from a working template in the 1,000 to 10,000 meter range because of the related IBL light probe/sphere issues that no one else is running into because no one else is creating maps of height/z scale > 1,000 meters(say something on the scale of mount Everest at 8,848 meters). The landscape I’m trying to create is also a 505x505x255 size that I’m x/y/z scaling up by x=9,000xy=9,000xz=900.

in this is tells u how to fix it reread :slight_smile:

Figured out my problem, I was importing a landscape at the topmost level instead of as a sublevel. When I imported the landscape within the ‘Landscape Sublevel’ level in a copy of TheSmallIsland example I didn’t have the odd lighting-flicker issues I was having with it at the main level. So as a general rule, import all landscapes(no matter size) as sublevels similar to the dev examples.