Problems with importing a Mixamo auto-rigger character and retargeting

Since Im having a variety of issues with re-targeting my own rig using ART in Maya, I decided to try Mixamo’s auto-rigger with my custom character, to see if I can get that to work with re-targeting the Animation Starter Pack.

I started with a blank project using 4.5. I then imported the Animation Starter Pack. I dragged over the exported FBX from the Mixamo site, chose ‘None’ for the skeleton creation, and my character is laying down. I’m assuming that is because U4 using Z-up. Whats the best way to rotate the character so it’s in the correct position? I tried selecting the “Hips” which I’m assuming is the root bone since there isn’t one above in the hierarchy, but that doesn’t work.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

When I import the Mixamo rigged character into Maya the character is correct, with Z being up.

It appears that the current auto-rigger is set for a different orientation, and their orientation is how it exports. In Maya my work-space is Z-up / Y-forward, so I had to rotate my mesh -90 degrees in the X axis, positioning my character on its back. That way when you bring it into the auto-rigger the orientation is set facing you.

Apparently if you use the auto-rigger and re-position your character so it faces you using Mixamo’s arrows, when it exports to FBX your characters orientation will be wrong in U4 causing the issue I had above.

I hope that helps someone!