Problems with hierachical comment boxes in Blueprint

I just wanted to report a problem I have noticed. I’m using 4.7.3. I have difficulties selecting and resizing a comment box inside another comment box.


The only way I can move the child box is to click first on the title of the parent box and then directly on the title of the child box. In that case, I can move the child box around. The “move” cursor only appears when we hover the title of the child box AND the parent box was previously selected. But if I click outside (if there’s no selection), I can select the child box (it changes color like it’s selected). But I cannot move it. And in all cases, I cannot resize the child box… The only way is to get it outside the parent box, resize it, and put it back.

I am the only one seeing this behaviour?

Not just you. I had a lot of troubles with comment boxes when using 4.4, and 4.5. I am guessing that overlapping comment boxes doesn’t have Z-layer calculations added to them in order to differentiate between what goes on top and bottom.

Ok, so if I’m not alone, it starts looking like a bug. What is the way to report bugs? Is there any bug reporting process or is this forum the good place for that?

I think I found what cause this behavior:
If I zero out this box then everything works fine until you click at box again. Each click increase this value and broke everything

Hi everyone,

This is a known issue and is reported in our system as UE-9417. Thank you for this additional information!

Thanks Adam. Is there any place where we can see the list of known bugs and report new ones if needed (like the UE-9417)? I would not have troubled you guys with that if I could check this problem against the list of known issues…

Unfortunately at present we do not have a public bug tracking system. This may be something we implement in the future, however I do not have a timeframe of if/when that would be.

Hey Everyone,

This has already been fixed in our main branch, I am trying to make sure this makes it into the next release, 4.7.4.

Hope that helps some.



Thanks Ben. Glad to hear it has been fixed already!