Problems with Ground Material for Landscape (again^^)

Hey all :slight_smile:

I have a well known problem with Unreal, but I can’t solve it.
There are a lot of threads about this (thats what I mentioned with “again^^” in the title), still
it doesn’t work. The material is still black on the landscape and strange in the preview.

  • First things first, I am using Unreal 4.19(.2).

  • Second, I created a “GroundMasterMaterial” which contains 5 different texture sets.
    Each set contains an albedo/baseColor Map (still don’t know the difference), a Roughness Map,
    a Normal Map, an Height Map and an Amient Occlusion Map, each in it’s own LandscapeBlendLayer.
    So there is a LBL for Base color, one for Roughness and so on, each with 5 textures (so 5 BaseColor Maps in one LBL), excepting the 5th texture set called Sand which don’t have an AO Map.

  • I unchecked “Use SRGB” for the Roughness and the Height Maps.
  • Also, I changed the “Sampler Source” for each(!) map to “Shared Wrap”
    to avoid problems because of the mass of maps.


  • The HeightMap Nodes I used were shown in a Poliigon tutorial and look this way:


  • I also changed the wheight in the LBL of the first texture set to 1 (so 1 for BaseColor, 1 for Roughness…) while
    all other textures remains at 0, so it should show only one “Material/Texture Set”.
    Still it looks strange:

Thats the way the “first” Material should look like (just BaseColor, but you see it is not that “dark”):

So you see there is a problem.
The next one is the black landscape and the “preview” in the landscape tab.
In this image you see that the landscape is still back, even when I try to paint on it.
Also you see, that the 5 materials in the landscape tab look “strange” and all the same.

Ah a I can’t pload the last image, see the first answer post.

Of course I created the (Wheigt) Layer Info woth clicking the + button.
All also rightclicked and filled the landscape.

Edit: I want to upload the last image to show you the problem.
For some reason, I can’t upload anything more, even in an other "comment’.
So, the landscape is just black and the preview in the landscape tab look very strange (a sky blue with ice blue, I know bad description), but they also all look the same, which is simply wrong.

I hope you can help me with that, I am not good in Unreal, I am a 3D Artist.

Kind Regards,
Toby :wink: