Problems with getting Mixamo character with animation into UE4

So, I have auto rigged a character with mixamo, added the free gangnam style animation to the character and exported it as FBX for UE4.

Now I imported it to UE4 and selected the ThirdPersonSkeleton as skeleton, works fine, no errors or warnings. But then the first problem is that the scale is wrong, the character is 10 times as big as it was before mixamos auto rigging. But that’s not really a problem, can just set the scale to 0.1 in the import options in UE4.

The real problem is that now the Gangnam Style animation works fine on the mixamo character, but does not work on the blue guy. And the Epic blue guy animations do work on the blue guy, but not on the mixamo character. With “don’t work” I mean that they basically work, but the scaling is absolutely wrong, for example the blue guy playing the Gangnam Style animation looks like this:

And the Mixamo guy playing the Epic animations looks like this:

Which is completely wrong.

But why do I have these problems? Both characters use the same skeleton, they are the same size, but they can’t play the animations from the other character.

I have already tried to import the FBX from mixamo into 3dsmax and set the correct scaling there so that I can import with a scale of 1 into UE4, but it does not change anything.